Management Console

The Management Console allows engineers to set up, manage, and monitor their entire IT / OT infrastructure.

Bringing the worlds best IT and OT tools into the hands of the engineer

Centrally managed, fully automated and continuously monitored

UMH Architecture

What can you do with it?

Setup your entire IT/OT infrastructure

With the Management Console and the UMH blueprint, you can quickly and easily set up your entire IT/OT infrastructure, including operating systems, networking, Docker containers, and external systems. This includes:

  • Setting up your infrastructure locally on your computer
  • (coming soon) Setting up your infrastructure on an external machine (edge device or VM)
  • (coming soon) Setting up your infrastructure in a cloud environment (e.g., AWS, GCP, Azure)
  • (coming soon) Setting up your infrastructure in a hybrid environment (edge, on-premise, and cloud combined)

Manage your infrastructure centrally to save time

With the Management Console, you can manage your entire infrastructure centrally, making it easy to make changes and save time. This includes:

  • (coming soon) Reconfiguring all building blocks, including operating systems, networking, Docker containers, and external systems.
  • (coming soon) Getting an overview of your "Unified Namespace" and tracing messages, helping you navigate thousands of different topics.
  • (coming soon) Controlling all changes to the system through versioning and approval processes. You can see who changed what and when with audit trails.
  • (coming soon) Leveraging enterprise connectors to connect non-UMH components or develop your own.

Monitor your infrastructure beyond metrics and logging

The Management Console provides you with more than just simple metrics and logging, allowing you to better monitor the state of your infrastructure. This includes:

  • (coming soon) Automatically interpreting and filtering error messages based on our expert knowledge, including automated root-cause analysis.
  • (coming soon) Detecting malformed messages, sudden increases/decreases in message volume, and nodes that are reaching their limitations (CPU, RAM, etc.).
  • (coming soon) Integrating with third-party alerting systems like PagerDuty or Grafana OnCall.

Recover quickly with the Management Console

The Management Console makes it easy to recover quickly from issues and errors, minimizing downtime and ensuring that your system is always running smoothly. This includes:

  • (coming soon) Rolling back quickly to the latest stable version in case of malformed configurations or failed updates.
  • (coming soon) Playing in backups quickly if a node gets corrupted.
  • (coming soon) Leveraging the monitoring functionalities to quickly understand what is currently happening.

Suited for small SMEs and Enterprises alike

Start with the "free forever" Community Edition, and scale it through your company.


free forever

Suited to try out the Management Console on your local computer or in a small factory.

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monthly fee

Suited for small to medium sized companies.

Includes all features of the Community Edition and additionally allows to monitor and manage non-UMH building blocks (e.g., PLCs or other data sources). Limited to one factory. Payable via credit card only.

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monthly fee

Suited for medium sized companies.

Includes all features of the Basic Edition and additionally allows to monitor and manage multiple factories and non-UMH building blocks. Includes SLAs for your IT / OT infrastructure.

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On Request

Suited for medium to large sized companies.

Includes all features of the Standard Edition, as well as enterprise-level features such as audit trails, SSO, and advanced SLAs.

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How does the Management Console work?

The IIoT Engineer can install and maintain the entire IT / OT infrastructure using the Management Console.

UMH Architecture


As long as you use a similar architectural approach as the UMH ("Unified Namespace", MQTT/Kafka), you can use the Management Console. Although it works best with UMH components, we will release more enterprise connectors to include non-UMH components ("enterprise plugins"). You can also develop your own plugins and share them with the community.
No, you do not need to trust us or any cloud provider. We make it technically impossible for us or anyone else to gain access to your infrastructure. We can only see limited metadata, such as the number of connected instances (used for licensing) and the time of your actions in the Management Console. We will never see the type of action you perform.
Yes, the Management Console is designed to be easy to use for non-technical users. Our user-friendly interface and intuitive design make it simple for anyone to set up and manage their IT/OT infrastructure. We have extensive experience working with industrial customers, IT and OT teams, developers, and operators, and have incorporated this knowledge into the Management Console.

How to proceed?

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From the ground up, the Management Console was designed with maximum security in mind. It is mission critical for many IoT & M2M scenarios to enable secure, encrypted end-to-end communication and advanced authentication and authorization features.

Account and Licensing

All information about creating, changing and deleting accounts, your subscription, assigning accounts to subscriptions and other licensing topics